Friday, February 5, 2010

Webinar: Secrets of Successful SaaS Database Architecture with Tungsten

SaaS application construction is a deep subject, and SaaS data design is no exception. Laying out the database and implementing properly can mean the difference between success and failure of the entire SaaS business. To do it well you need specially technologies like Tungsten but also time-tested design patterns that allow data to scale smoothly and economically.

this webinar we will focus on the design tricks for SaaS applications and how to implement them with Tungsten clustering. This includes setting up data services, deciding how to store customer data, and dealing with special issues like how to share global data effectively across servers containing customer data. We'll also talk about special topics like upgrade and failure handling, as well as automation and management.

Our talk is based on our experience helping a wide range of SaaS customers implement successful data management using Tungsten clustering. Tungsten deployments range from small start-ups to large applications containing hundreds of thousands of users. We hope you will benefit from our experience and learn how Tungsten can help with your SaaS data management.

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