Friday, March 26, 2010

CTO Robert Hodges Speaking at MySQL UC 2010

Database replication is still interesting after all these years. Two of Robert Hodges' talks focused on replication technology has been accepted for the upcoming MySQL 2010 Conference. Here are the summaries.
The first talk is a presentation covering Tungsten, which creates highly available and scalable database clusters using vanilla MySQL databases linked by flexible replication. Robert will describe how Tungsten works and some cool things you can do like zero-downtime upgrades and session-based performance scaling.

The second talk is a joint effort between Robert Hodges and
Jay Pipes covering issues like big data that are driving replication technology and the solutions to these problems available to MySQL users. They'll lay out the vision of where things are going to try to help you pick the right technology for your next project.

Finally, Robert and rest of the Continuent team will be around for much of the MySQL conference, so if you are interested in Tungsten, database clustering or data replication in general or just want to hang out, please look Robert and the gang up. See you in Santa Clara!

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