Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tungsten for MySQL - New version available

Download Tungsten Enterprise v. 1.2.3 (Release date March 16, 2010)

This is a maintenance release that adds the following new features plus a number of important fixes:
  • Completely updated documentation, including expanded description on cluster concepts, management procedures, and connectivity options
  • New features for SaaS vendors include transparent session consistency for multi-tenant applications.
  • Improved handling of session load balancing in the Tungsten Connector and SQL Router. This considerably increases the reliability of SQL routing.
  • Fixes to MySQL binlog extraction to handle enum and set data types correctly when using MySQL row replication
  • Improved purge history scripts. This script work for all Tungsten Enterprise 1.2.x versions and should be immediately applied in production deployments
This new Tungsten release provides much improved performance, stability and usability.

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