Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Zero-Downtime Maintenance and Upgrade for MySQL

Within the increasing reliability of hardware and software, database maintenance and schema upgrade is now the biggest cause of avoidable downtime in business-critical systems in businesses ranging from SaaS to social networking to large enterprises.

CTO Robert Hodges of Continuent presents highly technical webinar (register at how Tungsten clustering allows you to achieve database administration nirvana: maintain hardware, migrate to new database versions, and upgrade SQL schema on MySQL without requiring a maintenance window.

Robert's talk will start out by introducing basics of large-system maintenance, including maintenance window concepts and a discussion of the types of maintenance tasks that you need to perform as well as the problems you need to overcome in order to avoid outages. He will also introduce Tungsten clustering and explain how it creates highly available clusters using copies of standard MySQL databases.

Robert will show you specific procedures to:
  • Maintain/replace existing hardware
  • Add capacity to current systems
  • Migrate MySQL databases to new versions
  • Upgrade application schema
He will conclude with a demonstration of SQL upgrade on a running application using the procedures described above. Please bring your questions and try to stump the Continuent database upgrade meisters. We look forward to seeing you.

Register here!

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