Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Webinar: Managing Big Data with Percona Server, XtraBackup and Tungsten

Thursday, 2/10/11 at 1pm ET/10 am PT
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Big data is a big problem for growing SaaS businesses and large web applications. In this webinar, we'll teach you how to set up Percona Server, XtraBackup, and Tungsten to manage Terabyte+ databases and scale to millions of transactions a day. We'll discuss the latest features for high transaction performance like InnoDB buffer pool dump/restore and HandlerSocket, our favorite tricks for backup, restore, and provisioning of large data sets, and how to replicate scalably and safely using Tungsten Replicator with parallel apply.

Bring your big data questions to this live webcast as we tour the cutting edge of open source data management.

  • Vadim Tkachenko, Co-Founder & CTO, Percona
  • Robert Hodges, CEO, Continuent
  • Edward Archibald, CTO, Continuent

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