Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Continuent Improves 24x7 Data Availability and Database Performance for MySQL and PostgreSQL with Next Version of Tungsten Enterprise

This latest version of Tungsten Enterprise includes a number of features to improve the management, performance, flexibility and reliability of Tungsten clusters. Furthermore, it includes architectural changes to the Tungsten Replicator, connectivity improvements, upgrades to MySQL binlog parsing and PostgreSQL replication, including:

Improved Performance
  • 5x boost in replication throughput.
  • New disk-based logging improves performance and simplifies log management.
Improved Management And Monitoring
  • Enhanced failure detection logic allows for configurable confirmation. You can now configure more than a single check for aliveness and increase Tungsten's ability to avoid false triggering.
  • Redundant confirmation of database server failures. Failures will be confirmed once they are detected the first time to further ensure right automatic response upon failure.
  • New ‘monitoring by proxy'. In the case where a manager fails on a database host, you can still monitor and detect failures on a given host as long as there is at least one manager remaining.
  • Support of virtual IP addresses makes them easier to set up and manage. You now can configure the VIP address and Ethernet interface at installation time.
Improved Connectivity
  • New Tungsten SQL Router and Connector management protocols allow processes to run without a Tungsten Manager process on the same host. This greatly simplifies management for clusters with large numbers of application servers.
  • You can now specify URL options for all connections that go through the connector to a given IP address. This functionality allows you to configure the connector to always connect to an available slave.
Improved Replication
  • Significant architectural improvements allow Tungsten Replicator to define custom replication flows (pipelines) for native Tungsten Replication as well as to manage non-Tungsten mechanisms such as PostgreSQL warm standby replication.
  • New features facilitate online upgrade of MySQL databases, including commands to stop replication for multiple slaves at the same transaction in the log and to restart replication from arbitrary transactions. Tungsten also certifies specialized replication pipelines that offer high-speed, restartable schema upgrade.
  • Extensions to MySQL support including handling of international character sets and binary data in MySQL, as well as handling of non-English locales for PostgreSQL servers. These improvements allow Tungsten to function more effectively in internationalized environments.
  • Complete replication of all items from MySQL 5.0 and 5.1 binlogs directly from a disk or using relay logs.
  • MySQL to Oracle replication for real-time integration of applications running on Oracle but needing MySQL data, and data warehousing from MySQL into Oracle.
  • MySQL to PostgreSQL replication for real-time integration of applications running on PostgreSQL and needing MySQL data.
  • MySQL to Greenplum replication for real-time data warehousing from MySQL into PostgreSQL-based Greenplum.
See press release and release notes for more details!

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