Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New on-demand webinar: MySQL Multi-Master and Multi-Source Replication with Tungsten

Multi-master replication is the key to applications ranging from credit card processing to online testing. Up until now things haven't exactly been easy for MySQL users, though. MySQL native replication cannot move data from multiple masters into a single slave (a.k.a. multi-source replication). MySQL also has poor support for masters in multiple locations. With Tungsten you can now look forward to solving all of these problems. It's not quite multi-master nirvana but we're getting close.

In this on-demand webcast we teach you how to design and implement multi-master replication using Tungsten. The topics covered include:

  • Introduction to Tungsten Replicator 2.0
  • Aggregating data from multiple masters into a single slave
  • Configuring multi-master with 2, 3 or more masters
  • Handling data conflicts
  • Adding masters and slaves
  • Recovering from failures within and across sites.
Learn how you can take advantage of Tungsten's powerful multi-master capabilities today!

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