Thursday, June 9, 2011

Getting Started with Tungsten Replicator - New On-Demand Webcast

Tungsten Replicator is a powerful replication tool, designed to replace and enhance MySQL native replication. In addition to moving data between MySQL servers, Tungsten Replicator also provides more powerful features, such as centralized replication administration tools, global transaction IDs, multiple masters, parallel replication. With such power comes also greater complexity. But fear not! Tungsten Replicator comes with a brand new installation process that allows users to get Tungsten up and running with ease!

This webinar shows how the new installation works, going from bare servers to a fully functional Tungsten Replicator cluster in minutes. It also shows that servers where the required software is already installed (e.g. Java, Ruby), installing a new cluster takes just a few seconds.

Moreover, the new installation process comes with a dedicated Tungsten Replicator Sandbox, a technology that will let you test Tungsten in a single host with one command.

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