Thursday, June 23, 2011

Webinar 6/30: Introduction to Tungsten Enterprise Summer '11 Edition

Join our webinar as we introduce Tungsten Enterprise Summer '11 Edition with improved usability, performance and ease of management for MySQL and PostgreSQL clusters.

Tungsten Enterprise is a complete replication and data management solution for MySQL and PostgreSQL. The latest Tungsten Enterprise edition is designed to simplify the management of, and to ensure the availability and scalability of mission critical applications and services.

This live launch webinar recaps how Tungsten works and highlights enhancements to Tungsten’s error detection, cluster throughput and replication, including:
  • Compatibility with MySQL 5.5
  • Higher replication throughput for MySQL
  • Single-command backup and restore of data sources
  • New Tungsten Manager statistics for Tungsten Connectors
  • An improved, more comprehensive help
  • Improved and more flexible policies for failover
  • Reduced memory footprint.
Robert Hodges, CEO and Edward Archibald, CTO at Continuent, will be joined by Gandalf Sollenberger, Manager of Web Software Development at Thomson Reuters to speak about how Tungsten speeds up the development and performance of EndNote Web's dynamic, database-driven application and web services that must manage a complex set of workflows for millions of large, user writeable data sets. Millions of researchers, scholarly writers, students, and librarians use Thomson Reuters' EndNote Web to collect, organize and share their research. Cite While You WriteTM in Microsoft® Word easily enables users to cite references in their papers and create formatted bibliographies.

We will have our usual demos to show how the new features work. Join us to learn what's new, better, faster!

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