Friday, August 26, 2011

New on-demand webcast: Building High-Performance, Multi-Terabyte Clusters for MySQL using Tungsten

Tungsten Enterprise allows users to join MySQL databases into powerful clusters that offer 24x7 availability, simple maintenance, and automatic distribution of SQL queries of masters and slaves. Tungsten works with your favorite, off-the-shelf MySQL build and does not require application changes.

In this webcast we describe how we build Tungsten clusters capable of managing 50M transactions per day on multi-terabyte MySQL databases, including:
  • How Tungsten Enterprise works
  • Installing, provisioning, and testing clusters
  • Migrating from MySQL replication to Tungsten
  • Performing planned maintenance and recovering failed nodes
  • Configuring load balancing of read requests to slaves
  • Setting up backup and restore procedures
  • Integration with SAN/NetApp for fast recovery from failures
  • MySQL database configuration for large datasets.
We will of course demo a live cluster. Click here to learn how you can use Tungsten to leverage the power of open source MySQL DBMS to create economical and efficient database services for your applications today.

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