Monday, November 28, 2011

MySQL multi-site operations with Tungsten Enterprise geo-clustering -- Webinar 12/1

Spreading data across multiple sites solves some important problems, including ensuring business continuity, disaster recovery (DR) as well as availability of applications spread across the globe. Join us to learn how Tungsten Enterprise can start with existing, off-the-shelf MySQL databases and build them out to create easy-to-manage clusters spanning multiple hosts and sites. We'll cover the following topics:
  • How a Tungsten cluster makes off-the-shelf MySQL fault-tolerant and easy to manage
  • How to extend a Tungsten cluster to one or more backup sites
  • How Tungsten lets you implement DBMS disaster recovery with a single, simple command
  • How to spread application load over primary and backup sites.
Continuent clusters process hundreds of millions of transactions a day in demanding production environments. You can take advantage of proven Tungsten technology to manage your data safely and effectively both within and across sites. We look forward to telling you more at the webinar!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Continuent Announces Supported MySQL-To-Oracle Replication With Tungsten Replicator

Continuent today announced packaged open source support for real-time replication from MySQL to Oracle using Tungsten Replicator, Continuent’s award-winning replication software. Customers can now sign up for a cost-effective engagement from a Continuent replication expert to help install, configure and test replication from MySQL to Oracle using Tungsten Replicator. Customers can also add on-going support for production deployments. Continuent support packages give customers the economics of open source backed up by the expertise of Continuent’s outstanding engineering team to get robust, 24x7 solutions rolled out efficiently.

Tungsten Replicator offers technically savvy users advanced features like parallel replication, multi-master operation, transaction filtering and heterogeneous data movement between MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle. The real-time integration provided by Tungsten Replicator moves data from MySQL to Oracle without touching existing applications or data. Since it reads changes in real-time from binlogs, Tungsten Replicator is far more efficient than traditional batch-oriented ETL approaches, which commonly require application changes. Tungsten Replicator with packaged support is also extremely cost effective compared to expensive solutions offered by traditional enterprise products, such as GoldenGate by Oracle or DataMirror by IBM.

Heterogeneous replication can be complex to set up and manage. Continuent packaged support offers the following benefits that make MySQL-to-Oracle a practical solution for all users:
  • Expert technical consulting to set up replication from MySQL to Oracle
  • Scripts, documentation and templates for management and monitoring
  • Outstanding 24/7 technical support for questions and problems
  • Quick build turnaround to fix bugs.
Continuent’s heterogeneous replication solutions are already in production with a number of customers, including Zappos and Sony Music Entertainment.

“Our e-commerce system runs on Amazon cloud via RightScale using MySQL 5.1 databases. We needed a fast and reliable solution that can replicate the data from the cloud into our Oracle 10g data mart at our datacenter for deeper analysis and reporting," said Thomas Koshy, Director of Operations, Direct2Consumer, Sony Music Entertainment. “After our internal attempts failed, we approached Continuent with this unique request. They were very quick to understand our needs and come up with a solution in a very short timeframe. We couldn't have moved forward on this project without the help of such a wonderful product.“

Continuent is hosting a live webcast demonstrating MySQL-to-Oracle replication in operation on Thursday, November 11th at 10 am PT. Tungsten Replicator MySQL-to-Oracle support packages are available today with prices starting at $10,000 for initial setup and $5,000 per deployed Oracle server per year.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Real-Time, Open Source Replication Between MySQL and Oracle - Webinar 11/10

MySQL users are used to outstanding replication between servers, starting with MySQL's native replication and now using the high-performance, open source Tungsten Replicator. But what about moving data from MySQL into Oracle? Well, Tungsten Replicator does that too, and it's all open source!

In this webcast we describe how Tungsten Replicator works, then walk you through setup of heterogeneous replication, including special issues like data type translation, column and dataset renaming, DDL handling, timezones, and character sets. We will demo MySQL to Oracle replication in operation to show you just how well it works and some of the neat tricks you can play when you have the power of both databases working on the same data. We will conclude with a description of Continuent's packaged support for MySQL to Oracle replication, which helps you get robust solutions deployed quickly and cost-effectively.

There's no need to pay an arm and a leg to move data in real-time from MySQL to Oracle. Join us to learn how Tungsten Replicator and Continuent open source support can meet your requirements today!