Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Real-Time, Open Source Replication Between MySQL and Oracle - Webinar 11/10

MySQL users are used to outstanding replication between servers, starting with MySQL's native replication and now using the high-performance, open source Tungsten Replicator. But what about moving data from MySQL into Oracle? Well, Tungsten Replicator does that too, and it's all open source!

In this webcast we describe how Tungsten Replicator works, then walk you through setup of heterogeneous replication, including special issues like data type translation, column and dataset renaming, DDL handling, timezones, and character sets. We will demo MySQL to Oracle replication in operation to show you just how well it works and some of the neat tricks you can play when you have the power of both databases working on the same data. We will conclude with a description of Continuent's packaged support for MySQL to Oracle replication, which helps you get robust solutions deployed quickly and cost-effectively.

There's no need to pay an arm and a leg to move data in real-time from MySQL to Oracle. Join us to learn how Tungsten Replicator and Continuent open source support can meet your requirements today!


  1. Looks like a great product.
    Does Tungsten Replicator support DDL and DML replication?
    How about database code - PL/SQL, SP, etc?

    1. You can find details about Replicator and download it at

      Tungsten Replicator provides flexible, open source replication from MySQL to any DBMS we support. That's of course MySQL primarily, but also includes Oracle, PostgreSQL, and most recently Vertica. The software is licensed under GPL V2, like MySQL itself. Tungsten Replicator solves a wide range of problems associated with moving data but does not ensure databases are up, easy to manage, or using hardware efficiently.

      Tungsten Enterprise combines replication with management and connectivity to create database clusters consisting of a master and 1 or more slaves that look (as much as possible) like a single database to applications. Tungsten Enterprise solves exactly the problems that
      Tungsten Replicator does not, namely ensuring 24x7 access to data, simplifying management operations, and load balancing queries to ensure high hardware utilization. This is our licensed product.

      In general, if you just need to move data from one place to another, Tungsten Replicator is the solution. If you need to keep data constantly available and quickly accessible to applications at all times without a lot of custom scripts and extra development, Tungsten Enterprise is the solution.

      In addition: Continuent offers expert consulting on topics related to Tungsten database replication and support in general. We have industry-leading experience in the fields of replication, cluster management, database connectivity and multi-tenant database applications that we can apply directly to customer problems.

      Customers can sponsor development of features in both open source as well as commercial Tungsten products. Sponsored development can range from minor features that take an hour to complete to major enhancements like parallel replication or support for new DBMS types.

      We are also available for custom engagements that fall outside the preceding areas that cover any topic related to Tungsten, open source databases or data replication.

      I recommend you contact our technical sales team at, (866) 998-3642, and they'll set up a conference call with you to find out exactly what your needs are and how we can address them.

  2. Hi

    I am kindly asking that you please send me a step by step tutorial on how to set up fan in replication with two separate databases on two master servers being replicated onto one shared database on a slave machine using tungsten replicator. It is my first time to use tungsten so I need a detailed approach right from installation to configuration and lastly testing in linux ubuntu. Currently I am using mysql.

    I have searched the internet and all I can find is the fact that it is possible but not how exactly to do so.

    Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.


  3. Hi Rumbi,

    Your technical sales team will be in contact with you! You can reach them at, (866) 998-3642.