Monday, November 28, 2011

MySQL multi-site operations with Tungsten Enterprise geo-clustering -- Webinar 12/1

Spreading data across multiple sites solves some important problems, including ensuring business continuity, disaster recovery (DR) as well as availability of applications spread across the globe. Join us to learn how Tungsten Enterprise can start with existing, off-the-shelf MySQL databases and build them out to create easy-to-manage clusters spanning multiple hosts and sites. We'll cover the following topics:
  • How a Tungsten cluster makes off-the-shelf MySQL fault-tolerant and easy to manage
  • How to extend a Tungsten cluster to one or more backup sites
  • How Tungsten lets you implement DBMS disaster recovery with a single, simple command
  • How to spread application load over primary and backup sites.
Continuent clusters process hundreds of millions of transactions a day in demanding production environments. You can take advantage of proven Tungsten technology to manage your data safely and effectively both within and across sites. We look forward to telling you more at the webinar!

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