Thursday, March 15, 2012

Moving Data in Real-Time between Oracle and MySQL - Webinar 3/20

Tuesday, 3/20/12 @ 9:00 am ET/14:00 CET/ 13:00 GMT

Moving data between legacy Oracle databases and cheap, flexible MySQL-based applications is an increasingly important problem for open source-based businesses. Do you need to move sales requests from MySQL-based web applications to an Oracle-based procurement system? How about from your Oracle ERP applications back to MySQL? Tungsten Replicator leverages open source to move data in real-time at a fraction of the cost of solutions from expensive enterprise vendors.

In this webinar we will show you how to use Tungsten to replicate transactions from Oracle to MySQL as well as MySQL to Oracle. We will describe the setup on each side of the fence and show demos of data movement in both directions. Finally, we will introduce a few of the other replication combinations Tungsten Replicator handles, including MongoDB, Vertica, and PostgreSQL

Tungsten Replicator makes MySQL data plug-and-play with Oracle without application changes or complex configuration -- think Oracle GoldenGate without the price tag! And Continuent offers the support you need to get replication projects deployed quickly and efficiently.

Join us to learn how our heterogenous replication solutions can help you today!

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