Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Continuent Announces Tungsten Enterprise 1.5 for Multi-Master, Multi-Region MySQL Data Services in the Amazon EC2

Continuent today announced the new Tungsten Enterprise 1.5. Tungsten Enterprise moves beyond simple big data by managing increasing data volume, complexity, speed and concurrency in the cloud or on-premise. Tungsten Enterprise pushes the envelope in multi-master, multi-site MySQL database clusters with the following new features:
  • Set up Tungsten Enterprise clusters in the Amazon cloud with a single deployment command using your existing MySQL build
  • Build disaster recovery sites that can be promoted to full operation with a single command
  • Link clusters across Amazon regions using advanced multi-master topologies such as hub-and-spoke replication
  • Replicate data from Oracle to MySQL, or from MySQL to Oracle – “GoldenGate without the price tag”
  • Provide certified high availability and scaling without application changes or cloud-unfriendly VIPs.
Tungsten Enterprise is setting the standard for helping businesses build highly available and fast database systems using any MySQL version (MySQL Community, MySQL Enterprise, MariaDB and Percona Server).

Tungsten Enterprise consolidates geo-clustering, archive, backup and disaster recovery through seamless integration with the cloud,” said Robert Hodges, CEO at Continuent. “By combining multi-master, multi-site clustering with Amazon EC2, Tungsten Enterprise enables new levels of speed, simplicity and reliability for database clustering, backup and recovery while reducing costs.

Come talk to us about Tungsten Enterprise 1.5 at MySQL Conference & Expo, booth #307 in Santa Clara Convention Center!

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