Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Webinar 5/2: Advanced Multi-Master Solutions Made Easy with Continuent Tungsten

Webinar, Wednesday 5/2 @ 10 am PT/1pm ET

Continuent Tungsten has broken new ground to make previously complex or completely unattainable MySQL data management solutions simple and easy to deploy. Continuent Tungsten brings high availability, performance scaling, and simple cluster management to off-the-shelf MySQL. Continuent Tungsten also includes advanced multi-master topologies that enable users to spread data across clusters and sites.

In this webinar we show how to architect and manage cutting edge data management topologies. We start with simple clustering, build up to multi-master/multi-site, and end by illustrating how to integrate your MySQL systems to other DBMS types. The webinar includes live demos of simple failover, DR site setup, and fan-in from multiple sites to a single reporting server. By the end of the talk you will understand how Continuent Tungsten works and the problems you can solve with it.

Continuent Tungsten customers include American Express, AT&T, Constant Contact, F-Secure, Financial Times, Juniper Networks, Hearst Magazines UK, Marketo, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, Sony Music Entertainment, Thomson Reuters and, an Amazon company. The largest Tungsten Enterprise deployment processes 500,000,000 transactions per day on 150TB of managed data.

Join us to learn how you can put the power Tungsten to use today!

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