Thursday, May 31, 2012

The best MySQL multi-master solution gets even better

The best (and truly the only) MySQL multi-master, multi-site solution on the market gets even better! Continuent is happy to announce immediate availability of Continuent Tungsten 1.5.

New Continuent Tungsten 1.5 allows you to build multi-site, disaster recovery (DR) and multi-master solutions with ease:

  • Multi-Master Operations - Tungsten can support your multi-master operations today by linking together highly-available, scalable Tungsten clusters with bi-directional, cross-site replication.
  • Multi-Site-Aware Connectivity - Tungsten is now aware of all the database servers in the multi-site-configuration and intelligently routes the requests to the right database server.
  • Easy Multi-site, Disaster Recovery Deployment - One-step command to deploy multiple Tungsten clusters in two or more data centers or cloud regions in a matter of minutes, with automatic checking of all pre-requisites, and links them together, seamlessly, with cross-site replication.
  • Isolate and Handle Local Failures Automatically - Tungsten automatically fails over within each local cluster, and transparently reconfigures resources at remote sites to maintain the cross-site replication.
  • Site-Level Failover - Fail over to a DR site with a single 'failover' command.
Continuent Tungsten does not require any application changes, and runs on all flavors (MySQL Community, MySQL Enterprise, MariaDB and Percona Server) and all versions of MySQL (5.0, 5.1, 5.5). When you review your HA options, please note that this 'no-changes' promise is really not true with many other MySQL HA solutions currently available. 

If you are currently using MySQL replication (no automatic master failover), MMM, MHA or DRBD (50% performance penalty), you should consider Continuent Tungsten instead. Ask us about our special promotion for replacing your current HA solution with Continuent Tungsten!


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