Thursday, May 24, 2012

Webinar 5/31: Building a multi-master, multi-region MySQL solution in the Cloud

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Growth is good, right? Yes, unless you are the one building and managing a MySQL database tier to handle all this growth! Your company has built a great new app and launched it in the cloud. And now you are seeing what many wish for: an exponential adoption of your app. 

But is your database tier really up to the job? 
  • What happens if your MySQL server fails?
  • Can you fail over to a replica quickly?
  • Do you even have a replica to fail over to?
  • Can you keep your app available even as you upgrade your database schema or add additional or more powerful database servers?
  • Can you easily scale read operations by load balancing them across a set of replicas?
  • Do you have a way to maintain a set of data that is globally accessible, across Amazon EC2 regions in the USA, Europe, APAC, Japan etc., and that allows app users to get to and update their data with minimal latency, no matter where they are located?
  • How do you make sure that an update made in a database in Japan gets propagated to databases in Europe, USA, APAC etc. with minimal latency? 
That's a lot of questions... and this webinar will answer them. Join us to learn how Continuent Tungsten can help you solve these issues by combining local MySQL clusters, for high-availability and scalability, with cross-region, multi-master replication to maintain a globally distributed database.

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