Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Continuent expands in France

Continuent announced today its expansion in France. In a move to increase its presence in Europe and to strengthen relationships with existing and prospective contacts in France and Benelux, Axel Faux and Ludovic Launer have joined Continuent's team of database clustering and replication experts. The new sales office in Paris, France's largest economic center, is a continuation of Continuent's strategy to expand its network in order to provide clients in key regions direct access to local and international database clustering expertise and services.

"Opening an office in Paris and expanding our technical team in Grenoble demonstrates our continued commitment to our clients," said Robert Hodges, CEO at Continuent. "We continue to support our focus on organic growth through investments in people and business support for the benefit of our European clients.”  

Continuent's French team is hosting a live webinar on MySQL high availability, on Thursday, October 25th at 11:00 CET. In this webinar, participants will see a detailed case study on how you can start with the MySQL version/variant (MySQL Community 5.x, MySQL Enterprise 5.x, MariaDB, Percona Server), along with the data and apps that you already have, and iteratively build up a highly-available, scalable, multi-site database infrastructure where you can perform complex data management tasks with single commands. For more information on this live French webinar, visit www.continuent.com/news/live-webinars.
Press release in French, and in English.

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