Monday, October 29, 2012

Webinar Monday, Nov 5th @ 15:00 GMT - MySQL High Availability Realized

High Availability (HA) ensures all important business information is available for your application even when there is no database failure. This includes:
  • How about when you are upgrading your database schema?
  • What if you need to add memory to a database server or reconfigure/restart MySQL?
  • If your apps want to read data from a MySQL slave, how can you be sure they are not reading stale data without re-coding your apps?
  • What if your main data center takes a hit?
  • And what if you want better MySQL stability, performance, and simplified administration, but you cannot or do not want to re-write your apps or convert your current data to run with a proprietary MySQL re-write or a promised new version of MySQL?
In this webinar, we will show a detailed case study for how to use MySQL (including MySQL Community 5.x, MySQL Enterprise 5.x, MariaDB, Percona Server) with your existing apps and data, and iteratively build up a highly-available, scalable, multi-site database infrastructure where your simple failover strategy is 100% automated, and you can perform complex data management tasks including DR failover with single commands.
Join us for live demos of the following:
  • Transition from MySQL 'native' replication to a Continuent Tungsten cluster with zero app downtime
  • Reading consistent data from slaves and providing Read/Write splitting to slaves without app changes (SmartScale)
  • Schema upgrade on the master database server with no app downtime (switch operation)
  • Automatic fail over when a MySQL database server crashes
  • Recovery of a failed master to a fully operational slave with a single command
  • Switch of database operations to a remote site with no app down time (geo-clustering, cross-site 'switch' operation).

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