Monday, November 26, 2012

New Continuent Tungsten 1.5.3 now available

We are pleased to inform you that the new Continuent Tungsten 1.5.3 is now available for download at This is a maintenance release that is recommended for all our customers, but is not considered a critical upgrade. Please contact us if you need consultative help with this upgrade.

This release is a 1.5 maintenance release which has been primarily aimed at improving the following key areas:
  • Improved connectivity to support larger systems. Read/Write splitting with DirectReads has been improved for environments with a lot of database users. Connection pooling is now turned off by default for better memory usage.
  • More robust cluster management. Improved policy for maintenance and automatic modes.  
  • Better replication. Improved binary data handling. 
  • Enhanced PostgreSQL support. New Tungsten for PostgreSQL version brings major improvements in terms of stability and reliability. We highly recommend customers running Tungsten 1.3.4 to upgrade.
Please read the Release Notes for complete details on functionality additions and improvements.

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