Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tungsten University: Unleashing the Power of Tungsten Connectors

Tungsten clusters use the Tungsten Connector to ensure your applications transparently connect to the master. This enables failover and seamless switching of masters for maintenance. However, you can do far more. Tungsten Connector allows you to make better use of hardware by load balancing SQL traffic to slaves. There is also a wealth of configuration settings to help Tungsten Connector manage connections efficiently. Learn standard deployment patterns, how to create users, control load balancing, how to distribute reads across local and remote sites, and other configuration tricks. We will also provide advice about how to adapt your applications to use load balancing more efficiently. 

Course Topics 
  • Deployment options and techniques
  • Configuring users with regard to data services
  • Application configuration samples
  • Read/write splitting options and demos
  • Load balancing strategies
  • Optimization of connection and request speed
  • Understanding and fixing connectivity issues 

Course Dates
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