Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tungsten University: Zero-Downtime MySQL Maintenance And Schema Operations

Do you know how to do rolling maintenance on your database hosts so you can make changes without stopping applications? How about upgrading schema and applications themselves? Tungsten clusters have a host of features that can help you with everything from basic administration to complex application upgrades. This webinar shows you the different types of administration you need to perform, and introduces the procedures to perform them without application downtime.

Course Topics

  • What is rolling maintenance
  • How to perform simple maintenance on hosts
  • How to plan, test, and perform a MySQL version upgrade
  • Standard SQL schema upgrade patterns and how to do them with zero downtime
  • Combining SQL schema and application code upgrades
  • Structuring applications to make zero-downtime upgrade work better
  • Backing out of failed upgrade or maintenance

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