Friday, August 30, 2013

We're hiring: Deployment engineer, QA engineer

Continuent and our client base are growing fast. We are looking for brilliant people to join us. We’re looking for passionate people that can make things happen. You'll be working with a team filled with top notch talent, and you’ll be competing in an evolving market of database clustering and replication. A career at Continuent means you'll be working with an amazing team with tons of benefits and perks. 

Please check our open positions below:
If you love working with databases and think you can make the grade with us at Continuent, we would like to hear from you. Please send your CV with a cover letter that says why Continuent should hire you to If we like your story, we will contact you.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Using Continuent Tungsten to Survive MySQL Failures, at Percona University

If you are in Washington DC area, don't miss Jeff Mace talk about using Continuent Tungsten to survive MySQL failures.

Join us September 12, 2013 for Percona University in Washington, DC. This full-day event will provide you with deep insights into MySQL as well as an opportunity to network with the local MySQL community. The practical knowledge you'll receive will help you be more successful in tackling your own MySQL challenges. 

The daylong, free event will be held at Equality Center, located at 1640 Rhode Island Avenue Northwest, #100, Washington DC, USA.

Deploying Database Clusters in the Cloud, at LinuxCon/CloudOpen

I'll be Speaking at CloudOpen 2012! Join me! 
If you are going to LinuxCon/CloudOpen, in New Orleans (9/16-9/18) or Edinburgh (10/21-10/23), don't miss Neil Armitage's presentation on deploying database clusters in the cloud.

Here is an exclusive code that you can share with 10 of your online friends or colleagues for 15% off of LinuxCon North America and CloudOpen North America registration. Tweet it or share it on Google+ and Facebook. It expires after 10 people use it. LCPRM15

Friday, August 2, 2013

Software Developer's Journal: Developing applications for use with Continuent Tungsten and Tungsten Replicator.

As a developer of an application there really isn't a problem better than finding that you have to scale up the application and the database that supports it to handle the increased load. The main bottleneck to most expansion is the database server and in many modern environments that replication is based around MySQL. 

Application servers are easy to add on to the front-end of your environment. Ultimately the information needs to be created, updated and read from the database. And for most environments, you want a single, canonical, version of that data to exist - i.e. one database server that holds all of the information and can always be relied upon to give the right, single, version of the data. From a user perspective losing their shopping basket or blog post is unacceptable.

Replication is generally the answer, but replication with MySQL is complicated, even at its simplest level, getting a simple replication from master to slave up and running is complicated. I'm not going to go through that here, partially because I wrote the replication documentation for MySQL; I know how complex it is. But replication only helps by distributing the data around multiple machines. You need to adjust your application to be able to work with that newly distributed architecture. 

Native replication is difficult, so let's look at an alternative. Continuent Tungsten 2.0 uses the open source Tungsten Replicator to provide the core replication functionality. Click here for the full article by MC Brown!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Replicating from MySQL to NuoDB with Tungsten Replicator

In this webinar, recorded 7/31/13, Wiqar Chaudry (Tech Evangelist at NuoDB) demonstrates how to easily replicate from MySQL to NuoDB with Tungsten Replicator

In addition, see Philip Stoev's blog describing how to configure replication between MySQL and NuoDB using Tungsten Replicator.