Thursday, October 31, 2013

Continuent Tungsten at The OpenStack Summit HK

The OpenStack SummitContinuent is proud to sponsor The OpenStack Summit, November 5-8, at the AsiaWorld Expo in Hong Kong! Don't miss this presentation by Edward Archibald:

Deploying a Highly-Available Database-as-a-Service in OpenStack

In his talk, Edward Archibald, CTO at Continuent, will demonstrate the ease of deploying a multi-site, highly-available, scalable Database-as-a-Service across two OpenStack instances, all within minutes. Once the DBaaS is up and running, he'll demonstrate how applications can connect to the DBaaS and take immediate advantage of its high-availability and scalability properties.

Book a meeting with us!We will be exhibiting in booth #C28. Should you like to set up a one-on-one meeting in advance, either at the conference or at your premises after the conference, please contact us!

We look forward to seeing you in Hong Kong!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Learn how to setup & operate Tungsten Replicator

Do you have the background necessary to take full advantage of Tungsten Replicator in your environments? Tungsten offers enterprise-quality replication features in an open source package hosted on Google Code. This virtual course will teach you how to set up innovative topologies that solve complex replication problems. We start with a list of the main problems that Tungsten can solve, then show you how to set up Tungsten Replicator to link MySQL database servers. 
Course Topics
  • Checking host and MySQL prerequisites
  • Downloading code from
  • Installation using the tungsten-installer utility
  • Transaction filtering using standard filters as well as customized filters you write yourself
  • Enabling and managing parallel replication
  • Configuring multi-master and fan-in using multiple replication services
  • Backup and restore integration
  • Troubleshooting replication problems
  • Logging bugs and participating in the Tungsten Replicator community
Replication is a complex technology. Learn how to configure and use it more effectively for your projects in the cloud as well as on-premises hardware.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tungsten University: Configure & Provision Continuent Tungsten Clusters

Are you unsure of the steps needed to get your Continuent Tungsten cluster up-and-running? In this virtual course, we teach you how to get from a single database server to a scalable cluster, or from a brittle MySQL replication system to a transparent, manageable Tungsten cluster. 

We discuss the benefits of leveraging Continuent Tungsten clustering with MySQL, and walk you through the steps to implement a Tungsten cluster in Amazon EC2. We cover the prerequisites, installing and configuring Tungsten, and best practices that are part of most production installations and proof-of-concepts. 

Course Topics
  • Configuring MySQL and the OS for proper installation
  • Installing a cross-site cluster
  • Schema upgrade on the master database server with minimal application downtime (switch operation)
  • Automated fail over when a MySQL database server crashes
  • Recovery of a failed master to a fully operational slave with a single command (recover operation)
  • Switching database operations to a remote site (geo-clustering, cross-site 'switch' operation)
We also discuss and demonstrate basic operations, such as adding and removing a cluster node, basic monitoring and troubleshooting, and discuss the basic failure scenarios. 

Learn how to quickly configure and provision highly optimized Continuent Tungsten deployments in the cloud or on-premises.