Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Continuent Tungsten Use Case: How Gittigidiyor (a subsidiary of eBay) Replicates Data In Real Time From MySQL To Oracle

Learn how Gittigidiyor (a subsidiary of eBay) replicates data in real time from MySQL to Oracle with Continuent Tungsten. Gittigidiyor consolidates reporting data in a single MySQL server. Transactions arriving on this server must be replicated in real time to an Oracle instance.

In this webinar, Levent Kurt, Site Operations Manager at Gittigidiyor, describes how Gittigidiyor solved their problems of handling large tables in MySQL by replicating 20 GB of binlog data/day from MySQL 5.5 Community Edition to Oracle Enterprise Edition 11G with Continuent Tungsten, in a hosted VMware ESX environment.

  • Levent Kurt, Site Operations Manager, Gittigidiyor / eBay Turkey
  • Linas Virbalas, Senior Software Engineer, Continuent
  • Giuseppe Maxia, QA Director, Continuent


  1. Thanks for the Gittigidiyor lecture, been searching for a database replication tutorial as well. Use case scenario of data replication sure helped.

  2. Nice! finally found this one. :) thanks for sharing.