Thursday, October 17, 2013

Learn how to setup & operate Tungsten Replicator

Do you have the background necessary to take full advantage of Tungsten Replicator in your environments? Tungsten offers enterprise-quality replication features in an open source package hosted on Google Code. This virtual course will teach you how to set up innovative topologies that solve complex replication problems. We start with a list of the main problems that Tungsten can solve, then show you how to set up Tungsten Replicator to link MySQL database servers. 
Course Topics
  • Checking host and MySQL prerequisites
  • Downloading code from
  • Installation using the tungsten-installer utility
  • Transaction filtering using standard filters as well as customized filters you write yourself
  • Enabling and managing parallel replication
  • Configuring multi-master and fan-in using multiple replication services
  • Backup and restore integration
  • Troubleshooting replication problems
  • Logging bugs and participating in the Tungsten Replicator community
Replication is a complex technology. Learn how to configure and use it more effectively for your projects in the cloud as well as on-premises hardware.


  1. Hello. Could you please provide me with a full tutorial on replication from oracle database to mysql database. I am new to tungsten replication and unfortunately the internet does not provide an "how to " tutorial. Most websites just say that it is possible but none so far on how to achieve the same. Kindly assist.

    1. Please visit

  2. Thank you so much! That is exactly what i needed.