Thursday, February 27, 2014

Real-time data loading from MySQL to Hadoop

Hadoop is an increasingly popular means of analyzing transaction data from MySQL. Up until now mechanisms for moving data between MySQL and Hadoop have been rather limited. Continuent Tungsten Replicator provides enterprise-quality replication from MySQL to Hadoop under a GPL V2 license.  Continuent Tungsten handles MySQL transaction types including INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE operations and can materialize binlogs as well as mirror-image data copies in Hadoop. Continuent Tungsten also has the high performance necessary to load data from busy source MySQL systems into Hadoop clusters with minimal load on source systems as well as Hadoop itself.  

We cover the following topics:
  • How Hadoop works and why it's useful for processing transaction data from MySQL
  • Setting up Continuent Tungsten replication from MySQL to Hadoop
  • Transforming MySQL data within Hadoop to enable efficient analytics
  • Tuning replication to maximize performance.

You do not need to be an expert in Hadoop or MySQL to benefit from this webinar.  By the end listeners will have enough background knowledge to start setting up replication between MySQL and Hadoop using Continuent Tungsten. The software we will be discussing is 100% open source and available from the Tungsten Replicator website at

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