Thursday, May 29, 2014

Webinar-on-demand: Set up & operate real-time data loading into Hadoop

Getting data into Hadoop is not difficult, but it is complex if you want to load 'live' or semi-live data into your Hadoop cluster from your Oracle and MySQL databases. There are plenty of solutions available, from manually dumping and loading to the good and bad sides of using a tool like Sqoop. Neither are easy and both prone to the problems of lag between the moment you perform the dump and the load into Hadoop.

Replicating into Hadoop with Tungsten Replicator enables you to stream replication data from your Oracle and MySQL servers straight into Hadoop. Using the leading replication service built into Tungsten Replicator, and supporting all the topology and reliability features of Tungsten Replicator, the Hadoop applier enables you to replicate data directly from Oracle and MySQL into Hadoop.

In this virtual course, we'll look at the existing methods of loading Hadoop data, review how the Hadoop replicator works, and give a live demo of replicating data from MySQL into Hadoop. Replicate from Oracle and MySQL to Hadoop.

Recorded 5/29/14

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