Thursday, September 4, 2014

Replicating from MySQL to Amazon Redshift

Continuent is delighted to announce an exciting Continuent Tungsten feature addition for MySQL users: replication in real-time from MySQL into Amazon RedShift.  

In this webinar-on-demand we survey Continuent Tungsten capabilities for data warehouse loading, then zero in on practical details of setting up replication from MySQL into RedShift.  We cover:
  • Introduction to real-time movement from relational DBMS into data warehouses Continuent Tungsten data warehouse loading to Redshift, Hadoop, Vertica, and Oracle 
  • What's new with RedShift loading 
  • Setup of replication from MySQL into Amazon RedShift 
  • Initial provisioning and on-going real-time replication 
  • Adding RedShift loading to existing Continuent Tungsten clusters

This webinar-on-demand includes practical tips and a live demo of how to get your data warehouse loading projects off the ground quickly and efficiently.  Learn about this great new feature of Continuent Tungsten!

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