Monday, September 29, 2014

New Continuent Tungsten 3.0 Combines Power of Highly Available Open Source DBMS with Real-Time Analytics

Business Wire  Oracle Open World 2014, Booth # 430- Continuent, Inc., a leading provider of open source database clustering and replication solutions, today announced Continuent Tungsten 3.0, a powerful solution that combines advanced clustering and replication technologies to meet the transaction processing and analytic needs of the entire business. Continuent Tungsten 3.0 enables constant, high-speed and always-available access to data, combined with the ability to process transactions over multiple sites while tightly integrating transaction processing with data warehouses and analytics. This new solution exemplifies the concept of Data Fabric by providing a complete set of integrated systems to solve business problems.

Read the entire press release here.

Sneak Peek: Continuent Tungsten 3.0 a preview of the next advance in data management technology!  Continuent Tungsten 3.0 brings the power of advanced clustering and replication to offer data management needs for your entire business including MySQL high availability, disaster recovery, multi-master operation, and real-time data warehouse loading. With Continuent Tungsten you can apply the full power not just of MySQL but all your data management systems, including Hadoop, Oracle and Amazon Redshift, to deliver complete transaction processing and analytics for your business.

Continuent Tungsten 3.0 enables high-performance, always-on access to data, combined with the ability to process transactions over multiple sites while tightly integrating transaction processing with analytics. Continuent Tungsten 3.0 builds on the solid reliability of Continuent’s already proven Tungsten 2.0 clusters to offer complete integration with our latest replication technologies into a single, certified, well-documented and easy-to-manage solution. 


Get a sneak peek including demos of:
  • Robust multi-master operation between Continuent Tungsten clusters to enable active data management on multiple sites
  • Efficient Puppet- and Chef-based installation tools for rapid provisioning of clustering and replication in cloud as well as on-premises environments
  • Real-time replication from highly available Continuent Tungsten MySQL database clusters to Hadoop, Oracle, Amazon Redshift, and HP Vertica to enable rapid propagation of transaction data into analytic reports.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Continuent Tungsten 2.0.4 Release Notification are pleased to inform you that the new Continuent Tungsten 2.0.4 is now available. This is a recommended release for all Continuent Tungsten clustering customers as it contains important updates and improvements:
  • Improved monitoring fault-tolerance for the Tungsten Manager
  • Full support for relative latency in the Tungsten Manager and Tungsten Connector
  • Improved isolation of replication faults
  • Connector stability and SmartScale support improvements.
For a complete listing of new features and improvements in Continuent Tungsten 2.0.4, see release notes.

Upgrading to the 2.0.4 release:

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Replicating from MySQL to Amazon Redshift

Continuent is delighted to announce an exciting Continuent Tungsten feature addition for MySQL users: replication in real-time from MySQL into Amazon RedShift.  

In this webinar-on-demand we survey Continuent Tungsten capabilities for data warehouse loading, then zero in on practical details of setting up replication from MySQL into RedShift.  We cover:
  • Introduction to real-time movement from relational DBMS into data warehouses Continuent Tungsten data warehouse loading to Redshift, Hadoop, Vertica, and Oracle 
  • What's new with RedShift loading 
  • Setup of replication from MySQL into Amazon RedShift 
  • Initial provisioning and on-going real-time replication 
  • Adding RedShift loading to existing Continuent Tungsten clusters

This webinar-on-demand includes practical tips and a live demo of how to get your data warehouse loading projects off the ground quickly and efficiently.  Learn about this great new feature of Continuent Tungsten!