Thursday, July 30, 2015

Webinar-on-demand: Learn how to add HA and DR to MySQL operating on-prem and in VMware's vCloud Air public cloud

Learn how VMware Continuent adds HA, DR and real-time data warehouse loading to off-the-shelf MySQL operating on-prem and in VMware vCloud Air public cloud. 

We introduce vCloud Air basics, then do a deep dive into the VMware Continuent system architecture covering important issues like fail-over, zero-downtime maintenance, and load scaling. We will conclude with a demonstration of using VMware Continuent to implement disaster recovery between a typical on-prem environment and vCloud Air.

Recorded 7/30/2015


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Replication in real-time from Oracle and MySQL into data warehouses and analytics

Practical tips and a live demo of how to get your data warehouse loading projects off the ground quickly and efficiently when replicating from MySQL and Oracle into Amazon Redshift, HP Vertica and Hadoop.

Webinar-on-demand. Recorded 07/23/15.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New VMware Continuent 4.0.1 released from our April 2015 release of the VMware Continuent 4.0 products is a new 4.0.1 release that provides important fixes to both the replication and MySQL clustering.

For full details, read the full release notes, available at the links below, but the highlights are as follows:

VMware Continuent for Replication and Data Warehousing

  • Expanded support for EBS Snapshots to enable MySQL table locks during execution
  • Fixed a bug when using the trepctl reset command
  • Fixed a problem when replicating from Oracle to HP Vertica and Amazon RedShift
  • Corrected the CSV filename generation for Hadoop replication
  • Corrected a timezone issue for data warehousing loading
  • Corrected a timezone issue for the internal tables
VMware Continuent for HA/DR and Clustering
  • All of the above fixes, and the following additional fixes:
  • Remote services in DR deployments could incorrectly shun entire remote composite datasources
  • Replicators would fail to be placed online properly after the manager had been restarted
More information on the individual VMware Continuent packages outlined above can be found here. To download the new VMware Continuent 4.0.1, visit