Wednesday, October 29, 2014

VMware Acquires Continuent

We are delighted to announce that VMware has acquired the assets of Continuent. The acquisition is a strong affirmation of Continuent's vision of enabling enterprise-class data management and data integration on standard database management system (DBMS) platforms in cloud as well as on-premises environments. This is a vision we describe as the “Continuent Tungsten Data Fabric.”

This acquisition offers concrete benefits to our current and future customers:

  • Business as Usual — The Continuent team and Continuent Tungsten product have transferred as a unit into VMware. We will continue to serve you on the same high level as before and offer the same features of data high availability, cross-site operation, and heterogeneous integration you depend on today.
  • Hybrid Operation — Additional focus on 100 percent portable, highly available data services that span on-premises data center or private cloud to public cloud environments.
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery — Continued improvements in ability to offer solutions for high-availability, disaster recovery and multi-master operation.
  • Real-time Data Integration — Faster and more capable data integration between relational DBMS, NoSQL, and analytic systems including Hadoop and SQL data warehouses.
  • Excellent Support for VMware solutions — Great integration with VMware virtualization, networking, and storage products.
  • VMware Confidence and Long-term Stability — Addition of resources, including new staff and technology from VMware, to deliver innovative features and provide support to our rapidly increasing customer base.
For additional information, please visit VMware vCloud blog.


Robert Hodges, CEO                             Eero Teerikorpi, Executive Chairman and COO

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